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I want to work with local residents to preserve and improve services and facilities in Leatherhead, building links between generations and reflecting and addressing the concerns of the community.

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Libraries under threat

February 25, 2019

Not satisfied with plans to close Leatherhead Children's Centre and Dorking Recycling Centre, Conservatives on Surrey County Council have decided to cut funding for Surrey's libraries by nearly 30%. The Council has not said where library cuts will fall - a consultation is expected after the next local elections - but a briefing document notes that just 18 libraries account for 65% of all library visits - implying that smaller libraries are not part of the Tory "plan".

None of this bodes well for Mole Valley's libraries which are vital community assets for our towns and villages and have already had their hours and some services withdrawn. Already the Council has pulled the plug on Surrey's unique Performing Arts Library at Denbies, which will only continue as a charity thanks to a concerted campaign by Liberal Democrat county councillor Hazel Watson working with users and friends of the Library.

Bookham, Dorking, Leatherhead and Horsley Libraries are managed as a group, primarily out of Dorking Library which has the most usage. There is particular concern about the future of the three smaller libraries, but there is also the potential for significant cuts at Dorking.

Liberal Democrats plan to use the consultation process to defend our existing services, strengthen our libraries going forward, and reverse the previous cuts. We will do this by responding to the 5 principles which have been agreed by Surrey County Council to guide the development of its consultation:

1. Libraries and cultural services provide and enable opportunities for everyone to learn, access information, acquire new skills, literacy and be involved in their communities.

2. There will be a focus on the wellbeing and strengthening of communities, particularly the most vulnerable, to enable them to be resilient, providing touch points and safe spaces.

3. Libraries and cultural services are most effective and efficient when they work in partnership with the public, voluntary, community and private sectors, including through the creation of shared spaces creating a model of financial sustainability.

4. New technologies, including digital, enable libraries and cultural services to reach new audiences, and existing audiences in new ways, and offer 24/7 access.

5. Volunteers are crucial community advocates and assets in libraries and cultural services, who also gain valuable skills and relationships through the work they do.

You can help: if you would like to support the campaign, please email us at or telephone Councillor Paul Kennedy on 07947430762.

Surrey County Council decides to close Children's Centres

December 06, 2018

At the December meeting of Mole Valley District Council, a Liberal Democrat motion opposing Surrey's plan to close the Leatherhead Children's Centre and reduce the funding for the Dorking Centre was passed unanimously. As a result the Council committed to take various steps to oppose the plans, including replying in the strongest terms to the consultation, and working with the County Council to consider options to reverse their proposals.

The motion was proposed by Emma Norman and seconded by Margaret Cooksey. It was triggered by the current wave of "consultations" launched by Tory-controlled Surrey County Council as it struggles to make £85 million of further savings. Surrey Conservatives' proposals for Children's Centres involve closing the Leatherhead centre which serves one of the most deprived areas in Surrey, replacing it with "outreach" services from the Dorking centre. The Dorking centre would have its funding cut by 45%.

In her speech, Emma described the work that the Children's Centres carry out and pointed out how the Outreach services, proposed to replace the Leatherhead centre, can never match the benefits of a physical centre in the town. Closing her speech she said:

"I find it hard to believe that we are having this debate in Surrey. This is one of the wealthiest areas of the country. However, we have pockets of deprivation and families and children in dire need of support, and it is these families who will bear the brunt of these cuts."

Unfortunately, despite various petitions from local campaigners, Surrey County Council has now made the decision to close the Children's Centre and we await further details on the timing.

Calls grow for a People's Vote

July 31, 2018

The Conservatives are making a mess of Brexit, and the Labour Leadership continues to support them. The Liberal Democrats want to give you the final say on the Brexit deal.

Whether people voted Leave or Remain in the 2016 Referendum, latest opinion polls show that most are dissatisfied with the Government's proposals and concerned at the prospect of No Deal. Most support a People's Vote on the final deal, including the option to Remain members of the EU - it's just our MPs who need to respect public opinion on this.

Here are some things you can do to make this happen:

1. Support the LibDem campaign

2. Sign the Peoples Vote petition

3. Sign the Independent's Final Say petition

4. Write to your MP demanding they support calls for a referendum on the final deal:

a) Mole Valley - Sir Paul Beresford

b) Ashtead - Chris Grayling

5. Support local events run by European Movement Mole Valley

We only have a few weeks to make this happen, so please act now if you agree that this is important.

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